AN + I-BLK Anti Protection Mask Mask Mask Plastic

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"Ante protection mask" that is comfortable and fashionable even when used for a long time. Although it is made of resin, it is surprisingly not painful and has a three-dimensional structure that does not get stuffy. A new shape mask that is easy to carry due to the soft resin and can be washed and reused. Product name: Mask dimensions: H215 W95 D65mm (Adjustment belt / 210mm) Weight: 27g Target: Splash prevention, cold prevention, pollen countermeasures, PM2.5 countermeasures, virus countermeasures Material: Medical grade Elastomer resin packaging: Paper, polyethylene, polypropylene Encapsulation: 1 mask Country of origin: Made in Japan ● This product cannot be used in places where harmful dust or gas is generated. ● If you feel sick due to itching, rash, rash, etc. Discontinue use immediately ● Keep out of reach of infants ● Keep in a clean place ● Do not use near fire ● After using this product Please dispose of according to the agreement of the local government. ● Please refrain from wearing in a place where it may be damaged. It may be torn by Scratch etc. Wipe it frequently before use. ● Discoloring may occur if disinfected with strong plastic. Please use household dish detergent * This mask does not prevent infection (invasion) Depending on the characteristics of the resin used, there may be mist-like unevenness. For production reasons, there are cut marks under the chin and a parting line inside. Due to the characteristics of the product, we do not accept returns or exchanges after use.


Category Mask, Health care
Material ・ Item Plastic
Model Mask
Country of originJapan

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